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Malay quatrain has been introduced since long time ago among the Malay communities. It has also been used until today in formal ceremonies like the weddings, meetings and speeches. The Malay quatrain has also been taught in schools in order to inculcate the culture among children at young age. Therefore, this study ascertains the perspective of Malay quatrain in the media technology. The objectives of the study were to identify the types of Malay quatrain favored by the students and discuss the interactions of the students during the process of learning. The samples of the study involved 20 volunteered subjects from a school in Malaysia. The subjects were nine year olds male and female students. The subjects were given a website which consists of Malay quatrain activities. The Malay quatrains consisted of moral values that were able to be understood among the students. The subjects were in pairs and they were to try out the website and discuss their opinion about the Malay quatrain. The interactions among the subjects were taped and selected interactions related to the study were analyzed. The discourse analysis method was used to analyze the interactions. The results of the study revealed that the subjects would prefer the Malay quatrain which has the value of love among family members, friends and teachers. It is hoped that future research concentrates on the use the Malay quatrain with aesthetic values among children at primary schools.
Keywords: Malay quatrain, media technology, website, primary school students, interaction

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