This scientific endeavor of Adrian Liviu Ivan, under the “sign” of Victor

Hugo’s words (“I would like to give my life meaning through a great act, and die.

Thus, the United States of Europe … Even more so the frontiers! The Rhine for all!

We are the same Republic, we are the United States of Europe, the continental

federation, we are the European liberty, the universal country!”1) constitutes itself,

as is evident from the argument the author seems fit to offer his readers, into a

concrete answer to the contemporary questions regarding the European idea; it is

simultaneously a guide to deciphering the meaning of the current European unity as

well as, in equal measure, a complex support, necessary to the university research

in fields such as international relations and European studies, security studies,

economics, history, juridical sciences or, more loosely, to the knowledgeable

public interested in the tectonic shifts that shape the socioeconomic, political and

cultural map of today’s Europe.

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